buy thc 1000mg vape liquid

thc 1000mg vape liquid


QNTM Extracts has launched a new line of “Mists Gold THC” vape juice.

Organic MCT oil, restrictive characteristic enhancing removes (Grape), and THC distillate have been combined in a new formula.

Each 10mL container contains 1000mg of THC; simply place it in your e-cigarette tank for a smooth and flavorful smoke! Sedated with caution,

Because the smoke does not have a bud-like aroma, it is simply fruity!

It is compatible with vapes ranging in power from 10 to 75 watts.

*Not applicable to Vape Pens with 510 string batteries (e.g., Sky Extracts, Sovrin, and so on…). Squeeze only, no equipment.

**Separation is normal; shake thoroughly before use.



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