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Live Resin is a cannabis-derived concentrate that is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a flavorful, high-quality concentrate with the potential to be extremely potent and dynamic. Live resin extracts have strong terpene profiles, a pleasing visual appearance, and a long-lasting high.

Cannabinoids are extracted from live resin immediately after freezing fresh, unpicked cannabis buds. This extracts all moisture from the plant while preserving its distinct flavors, aromas, and terpene profiles. Traditional curing methods produce a much more flavorful and aromatic extract.

Live resin is a highly concentrated concentrate containing a wide range of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other specialized compounds. Its effects are said to be more mellow, allowing for a more relaxed, creative experience. Because of the quick freezing process, which is a key feature of live resin, the terpenes retained during extraction provide a far more flavorful experience when consumed.

Live resin’s effects are intense, but they also last a long time. Its cannabinoids are known to be particularly potent and long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy the full effects for an extended period of time. In contrast to the often racy mental state of other concentrates, the high produced is frequently described as more creative and relaxed. The intensely flavorful effects of live resin can be enjoyed for hours, whether inhaled or consumed orally, allowing consumers to explore their own conscious reality.

For consumption, live resin is available in a variety of forms. After being mixed with dry herbs in a bowl, it can be smoked, vaporized, or consumed orally. It can also be applied topically in creams and lotions, and it can be combined with cannabis oils to create edible products.

Live resin is recommended for those looking for a potent, flavorful concentrate with long-lasting effects. Keep in mind that these extracts may be more potent than regular flowers, so begin with a small amount and gradually increase to fully appreciate the effects of live resin.

Live resin is quickly becoming the concentrate of choice in the cannabis world due to its intense terpene profiles, high potency, and long-lasting effects. Those seeking a unique and flavorful experience will not be disappointed.


the different types of resin and their properties


Resin is a polymeric material that is primarily composed of hydrocarbons and complex monomers. These polymers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of properties. The most common types of resin are listed below, along with their distinct properties.

One of the most common types of resin is epoxy resin. These materials, which are commonly used in structural and cosmetic applications, are created by combining a polyamine curing agent and an epoxy polymer. Epoxy resin is extremely strong and durable, as well as highly flexible. It also acts as a barrier against moisture and other outside elements, making it an excellent choice for outdoor structures like patios and walkways.

The second most common type of resin is acrylic resin. These transparent or translucent polymers, also known as organic glass, are more workable than epoxy resins and are ideal for transparent applications. They have excellent chemical resistance, light transmissive properties, and a wide range of designs and shapes.

Polymerization of an unsaturated polyester compound in the presence of a catalyst yields polyester resins. They are known for their light weight, strength, and flexibility, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including boat and other watercraft construction. Because of their resistance to heat, temperature changes, and chemicals, polyesters are also a popular choice for industrial applications.

Another common type of resin is urethane resin. These polymers, which are created by the reaction of a polyisocyanate and a polyol, are commonly used to create strong, resilient composites. Urethanes have superior UV resistance and come in a variety of colors, but they are brittler than other resin types.

Finally, by polymerizing an epoxy resin with a vinyl monomer, vinyl ester resins are created. Because of their superior corrosion resistance and adhesion strength, they are ideal for structures exposed to corrosive elements. Vinyl esters are another inexpensive and simple option.

Each resin has distinct properties and applications. To achieve the desired performance characteristics, the user may prefer one type of resin over another depending on the project. Finally, the resin selection will be influenced by the desired strength, chemical properties, and final product appearance.


Buy Live Resin Online
Buy Live Resin Online


Where Did Live Resin Come From?


For cannabis enthusiasts all over the world, the live resin has become a popular form of cannabis concentrate. This flavorful concentrate is well-known for its potency, subtle aromas, and strong flavor profile. But how did this ground-breaking product come to be?

Nowadays, live resin is frequently produced using a variety of techniques. One popular method is to flash-freeze fresh, recently harvested cannabis flowers with liquid nitrogen before extracting the resin-containing oils. This is referred to as “live resin extraction.” This method was allegedly developed in 2011 by a group of pioneering cannabis growers in Colorado, USA, depending on who you ask.

Terpenes, cannabinoids, and other desirable compounds in resin are preserved more completely in this process than in other methods of extraction. As a result, when consumed, the concentrate and surrounding air have more flavor and aroma, as well as stronger psychoactive effects.

Although flash-freezing and extraction are relatively new concepts, the concept of live resin dates back much further. Anthropologists have long known that many cultures enjoy cannabis’s intensely flavorful and aromatic oils.

This site contains fragments of an ancient pipe discovered in a cemetery in the first century of the common era. This pipe contained traces of cannabis resin, indicating a long history of live resin consumption. Cannabis use can be traced back to 2737 BC in China.

Furthermore, some ancient cultures burned cannabis resin for religious ceremonies or healing rituals, causing terpenes and other chemical compounds to be released. Many cultures have enjoyed the naturally occurring resins secreted by cannabis flowers since the 1930s; this process is known as collecting trichomes.

While the science and technology used to create live resin concentrates are novel, the concept of live resin is not! Without a doubt, the various methods and products used to extract, encapsulate, and consume cannabis resins are an evolution of mankind’s fascination with cannabis resins and concentrates.


In reality, live resin is just another way to enjoy a traditional cannabis product. Although the method of collecting resin has grown in popularity in recent years, it dates back centuries. The history of live resin deserves to be recognized, whether you enjoy it in the form of concentrates, tinctures, topicals, or simply the fresh aroma and flavor of high-resin cannabis flowers.


How Is Live Resin Made


Live resin is the most recent concentrate on the market, as well as one of the most expensive. It’s made from fresh, flash-frozen plants and is prized for its complex flavor profile and high terpene levels. Terpenes contribute significantly to the taste and aroma of cannabis, so a dab of live resin can truly transport you to a new level of vaping bliss when vaporized. To make live resin, the plants are frozen immediately after harvesting to preserve their flavor, aroma, and potency.

Plant harvesting is only the beginning of the live resin production process. The plants are frozen again after being chopped into small pieces and placed in a container. The concentrate makers will adjust the freezer temperature based on the type of live resin and the amount of potency desired. After the plants have been frozen for the second time, they are extracted to separate the terpenes from the plant material.

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Hydrocarbon extraction, a chemical process involving butane, propane, and hexane, is one of the most popular methods of extraction. Butane is pushed through the plant material in a column, dissolving the trichomes and separating them from the plant material. The extracted product is then chilled and heated to allow the terpenes to recombine with the THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. This is known as the vaping phase, and it is during this time that concentrate makers will find the ideal balance of heat and oxygen to reintroduce terpenes and other cannabinoids into the concentrate.

The curing phase is the final step in the live resin-making process, in which the concentrate is passed through a vacuum chamber to remove any residual solvents. This process improves the flavor, smell, and potency of the live resin, resulting in a highly sought-after concentrate. After the solvent is removed, the concentrate is placed in jars and ready for dabbing or vaping.

Live resin is a distinct type of concentrate that is gaining popularity among cannabis consumers. Its complex flavor and aroma, as well as its high potency levels, will undoubtedly make it one of the most sought-after concentrates on the market. Because of technological and scientific advancements, the live resin can now be easily created in a lab, allowing people to enjoy a truly unique and top-notch vaping experience.






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