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Purple Biscotti is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid with long-lasting sedative effects. This strain, developed by Cookie Fam in Oregon, combines the sweet doughy flavor of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) with the tart, spiced flavor of gelato. Purple Biscotti is a cross between the Indica-dominant Purple Punch and the hybrid Biscotti, which is a cross between Gelato #25 and GSC. This medium-potency strain is ideal for casual smokers and patients seeking relief without being overly sedated.

Purple Biscotti users can expect an Indica-led high that begins with a euphoric buzz and progresses into a heavy-bodied relaxation. This strain has received praise for its ability to relieve stress and pain while also allowing users to maintain mental clarity and focus. The majority of the effects of this strain can be felt throughout the body, providing a light tingling sensation as tension and pain melt away. Purple Biscotti, on the other hand, is psychoactively sedating due to its indica-sativa balance, resulting in couch-lock and laziness that can be difficult to resist.

Purple biscotti has a strong and sweet aroma profile. When the nuggets are broken apart, the first whiff carries the gelato-cookie scent. There’s a distinct diesel, skunky aroma that lingers in the air on the exhale. Those who have tried this strain will recognize the combination of gelato and GSC extracts as soon as the first bowl is lit.

Because of its potent sedative effects, this strain is ideal for late-night recreational use. Its potent anti-stress and anti-pain properties may help medical marijuana patients suffering from anxiety, depression, inflammation, and headaches. Purple Biscotti should be used with caution, as the high can be overwhelming for inexperienced users.

Purple biscotti is an excellent choice for those looking for a complex flavor and long-lasting, body-numbing effects. Combining the indica-dominant relaxation of GSC with the potent effects of Gelato, this strain is highly versatile and suitable for both recreational and medical use. Whatever you’re looking for, purple biscotti delivers a delicious and pungent experience.





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